Oregon Savings Growth Plan

Fund Information

The goals, strategies, and risks vary among the separate investment options that make up the Plan. By spreading your investments over a combination of the options, you have the opportunity to create an investment portfolio that addresses your current situation and future needs.

Find out more about each of the available Plan investment options by clicking on a fund name below:

Target Retirement Date
Capital Preservation
Fixed Income
Large Cap Domestic Equity
Small/Mid Cap Domestic Equity
International Equity
  • Schwab PCRA

    To open your Schwab PCRA account please click this link Schwab Self-Directed Brokerage.

    To sign on to your Schwab PCRA account please select this link Schwab.com.

    Plan Account is "OSGP"
    Your password is "oregon". Please note that this must be all lower case.
  • PCRA Plan Application - Use to open the plan level accounts at Schwab.
  • PCRA Participant Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) - This is the hard copy form that would be used a participant to open their PCRA account.
  • Investment Advisor LPOA - This form is used by participants that wish to utilize the services of an Investment Manager that have a relationship with Schwab Advisor Services in place.
  • Third Party LPOA - This form may be used to name an Agent ("Attorney-In-Fact") to act on the behalf of a participant in connection with their PCRA account.

You may also learn about the performance of specific investment options by going to the Fund Performance section of this website or by calling the Information Line at 1-800-365-8494 to request a copy of the Oregon Savings Growth Plan Investment Option Booklet.